A new palette of emotions



After rain comes sunshine?

If the world seems dull and gloomy in these murky times, any frequent traveler knows that above the clouds, the sky is always blue.

But here on earth, we must scan the horizon, smell the air and seize any ray of hope just like great artists and creators do, even in times of crisis. Remember the iconoclast Gabrielle Chanel and her “little black dress”, the traditional color of mourning, which caused a stir in the Twenties and which remains today an essential piece of the feminine wardrobe. Or the centenary painter, Pierre Soulages, whose “ultra-black” monochrome paintings paradoxically reveal light in its full scope.

A dark sky or a rainy landscape – if you pay attention – can regain its colors instantly, as if by magic, the so called “rainbow effect”. This natural phenomenon takes us by surprise with its unexpected and spectacular appearance, unique in its kind. If this spectrum of colored light is so astounding it’s because, like luxury, it releases vivid and varied emotions, subtle yet powerful.

In 1675, Newton demonstrated that white light was composed of rays of colors ranging from red to violet going through orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo. The seven colors of the rainbow look rather pale in comparison to our digital screens and their millions of shades. Yet, despite technological progress and the infinite palette of colorimetric nuances available to us, how to explain that certain colors have, over the centuries, retained their ideological, iconic or symbolic status, such as red, black or white? How is it that certain colors embody the modernity of their time and others go out of fashion? Are the trendy colors of the moment a reflection of the zeitgeist? What will the colors of the future be?

Coloressence, a new palette of emotions, is the theme of The Creative Peak Issue N°03, which we hope will illuminate your reading.

Have a colorful journey…



COLORESSENCE : A new palette of emotions – est un cahier de tendances commandité par la société Traveller Made, société spécialisée dans la Haute-Villégiature (tourisme de luxe). Ce cahier de tendances prospectif a été présenté lors du colloque Internationale de Traveller Made en mars 2021. Nous vous invitons à télécharger la version PDF de ce cahier de tendances, édité en 2021.


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