Since time immemorial, man has sought to conquer new territories, animated by his desire for otherwhere, travel and discovery.

Stimulated by legendary tales and driven by technological innovation which has made traveling easier, he has repeatedly demonstrated that a dream – however impossible it may seem – can one day come true.

From the discovery of the Americas to the first step on the moon, the legendary heroes of the history of mankind have always been preceded by visionary narrators of the modern world: George Méliès imagined “A Trip to the Moon” in 1902, long before it took place half a century later, in 1968.

If art frequently foreshadows science, it is because man’s desire and imagination are often stronger than his reason. While Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama explored the new world, in 1516 the humanist Thomas More imagined a new literary genre similar to a travelogue, whose ultimate destination is as impossible to reach as it is perfect to live in: UTOPIA.

Paradoxically, this novalistic term with Greek roots defined as “no place”, but also as “good place”, has survived through the ages thanks to the progressive ideology it embodies, as “roaring” as the 1920s and as “unpredictable” as any revolution.

It is precisely because utopias surge when the world is in crisis that we have chosen this theme, as it is also filled with hope, to open the “storytelling” of the new decade… UTOPIA is the future of a luxury imagined by a new generation of artists and creators, architects and designers, innovative start-ups or cutting-edge industries who are in the process of revolutionizing the luxury and tailor-made travel industry.

Besides, isn’t the perfect world imagined for your customers already, by definition, a UTOPIA? Like Ulysses or Louis Vuitton, The Creative Peak is an invitation to travel to the land of trends which we hope will guide you to new and inspiring horizons… Enjoy your viewing.

six approches pour un storytelling de luxe contemporain à considérer dans le monde de l'après covid. le new normal doit rester extraordinaire etc...

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